June 23, 2024
An image of Paul Jacobs, the new CEO of Globalstar, standing confidently in a modern corporate environment. Around him are visual representations of technology, satellite communication, and strategic partnerships, symbolizing leadership evolution and innovation in the tech industry.

Pioneering Progress: Paul Jacobs, CEO of Globalstar, charts a course towards innovation and growth in the world of satellite communication.

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In a game-changing move, Globalstar CEO Transformation witnessed the satellite firm, instrumental behind Apple’s emergency communication services, appointing industry veteran Paul Jacobs as its new Chief Executive Officer, triggering an impressive rally in its stock value.

A Veteran Takes Charge:

Paul Jacobs, the 60-year-old luminary known for his decade-long leadership at Qualcomm from 2005, has now ascended to the top spot at Globalstar. His vast experience and familiarity with the tech world position him as a significant asset for the satellite company.

Globalstar’s Leadership Evolution:

David Kagan, after a commendable five-year stint as CEO, has chosen the path of retirement, making way for Jacobs. Jacobs’ multifaceted roles, including his current board membership at the IPO-bound chip firm, Arm, brings a wealth of insights to his new leadership role.

The Globalstar-XCOM Labs Alliance:

Adding to the wave of strategic decisions, Globalstar announced an exclusive collaboration with XCOM Labs, a wireless tech startup co-founded and spearheaded by Jacobs. This partnership grants Globalstar unique access to pivotal technologies and a talented team. In return, XCOM is set to receive licensing fees, inclusive of a stock issuance estimated at a significant $64 million.

A Glimpse of Jacobs’ Legacy at Qualcomm:

Under Jacobs’ aegis, Qualcomm burgeoned into a cornerstone of the global smartphone industry. However, his journey witnessed a twist in 2018 when he revealed aspirations to acquire the very company he led, culminating in his departure from Qualcomm’s board.

The Deep-Seated Bond: XCOM and Globalstar

Reflecting on the ties between the two entities, Globalstar’s Executive Chairman, Jay Monroe, recounted a two-decade-long productive relationship. Monroe emphasized the contribution of XCOM’s leadership to Globalstar’s original system during their tenure at Qualcomm.

Globalstar and Apple: A Synergistic Partnership

In the previous year, Globalstar embarked on a collaborative journey with tech titan Apple. This venture facilitated the iPhone 14 to dispatch SOS signals, even in locales devoid of cellular connectivity. Apple’s whopping $450 million investment into its emergency SOS infrastructure, predominantly allocated to Globalstar, further underscores this partnership’s importance.

The Satellite Industry Landscape:

The collaboration with Apple cements Globalstar’s Apple Alliance in an industry riddled with profitability challenges due to steep maintenance expenditures. Aligning with Apple, one of the globe’s most influential corporations, has strategically positioned Globalstar in this demanding market.

A Rivalry in the Offing:

While Globalstar revels in its collaboration with Apple, competitor Iridium Communications hasn’t remained dormant. Earlier in May, Iridium joined forces with Qualcomm to craft emergency SOS solutions targeting Android users, placing them in direct competition with Apple.

The Broader Implications for Globalstar

With a seasoned leader like Jacobs at the helm and strategic alliances in place, Globalstar appears poised for growth. The company’s decisions, especially the alliance with XCOM Labs, indicate a trajectory focused on innovation and expansion.

Conclusion: A New Horizon for Globalstar

The Globalstar CEO Transformation and its evolving partnerships highlight a company in transition, eager to solidify its stance in the satellite industry. With dynamic leaders and collaborative ventures, Globalstar seems set to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the tech realm adeptly.


Former Qualcomm leader, Paul Jacobs, has been appointed as the new CEO of Globalstar, a satellite firm key to Apple’s emergency communication services. This announcement led to a notable rise in Globalstar’s shares. Jacobs, also a board member of chip firm Arm, will succeed the retiring David Kagan. In a strategic move, Globalstar has also entered an exclusive partnership with XCOM Labs, a startup co-founded by Jacobs, gaining access to certain technologies. This collaboration involves a significant stock issuance estimated at $64 million. While Globalstar strengthens its alliance with Apple, competitor Iridium Communications collaborates with Qualcomm, suggesting an evolving competitive landscape in the satellite industry.

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