June 23, 2024
A photograph of Kim Jong, showcasing his presence during a diplomatic event in Russia.

Kim Jong, the North Korean leader, engaged in discussions with Russian officials during his visit.

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Anticipation Surrounding Kim Jong Un’s Russian Tour

Rumors are swirling about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s prospective visit to Russia’s Pacific port city, Vladivostok, sparking both local excitement and international concern. We delve into the geopolitical ramifications as well as the local sentiments that surround this mysterious trip while the world’s most powerful nations watch.

The Foundation of the Rumors

Murmurs of the Visit

The New York Times primarily conveyed the unsupervised visit, which quickly acquired international attention. Both North Korean and Russian national media, however, have retained silence on this matter.

Hints from the Kremlin

Despite President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming appearance at the Vladivostok economic forum, the Kremlin has remained tight-lipped. Nevertheless, anonymous sources suggest Kim’s Russian tour is imminent.

Historical Visits

If this trip materializes, it will mark Kim’s first foreign visit since the COVID pandemic began and only his second known journey to Russia.

Local Atmosphere in Vladivostok

Tangible Anticipation

The streets of Vladivostok have seen an intensified police presence. Notably absent, nonetheless, are the North Korean flags which were significantly displayed during Kim’s aforementioned visit.

Residents Share their Views

Local reactions vary. Some, like Fyodor, recognize the strong stand both countries take on the global stage. Others, like Nikolai, emphasize the relevance of the ongoing economic forum.

The US Angle

US Concerns on Arms Deals

White House officials have voiced apprehensions over potential arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea, cautioning Kim Jong Un’s against aiding Russia’s efforts in Ukraine.

An Analyst’s Perspective

Experts speculate that North Korea could provide artillery shells, rockets, and ammunition to Russia. In exchange, Russia might offer essentials like grain, oil, and advanced military technology.

Historical Context and Modern Implications

Russia-North Korea Relations Over the Years

The Cold War saw Moscow backing North Korea, but relations witnessed a cool-down post the Soviet Union’s collapse. China subsequently emerged as a dominant influence on Pyongyang.

Recent Defense Collaborations

Although the US accuses North Korea of arms collaboration with Russia, both nations have denied such accusations. However, their obligation to intensifying defense cooperation remains clear, demonstrated by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s topical visit to Pyongyang.

Vladivostok Residents Look Forward

Locals Discuss Geopolitical Shifts:

Yelena, a tourist from Khabarovsk, is of the opinion that although North Korea could potentially become more friendly with Russia, the country is much less likely to establish relations with the United States. Another local, Svetlana, expresses the general sentiment perfectly when she says that she is undecided about Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia but that she recognizes the global shifts that make the country a remarkable destination for the North Korean principal.


The possibility of Kim Jong Un paying a visit to Russia, which is being watched with bated breath around the world, represents more than just a routine diplomatic trip. It is a reflection of the dynamic interaction that exists between international relations, geopolitical strategies, and the ever-changing bond that exists between two powerful nations.


Rumors are extensive about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s probable visit to Russia’s Vladivostok, causing local enthusiasm and international assumption. The trip, initially reported by The New York Times but unconfirmed by state media from both countries, would be Kim’s first foreign excursion since the COVID pandemic and his second known visit to Russia. While the U.S. expresses concerns over potential arms deals between the two nations, experts speculate a possible exchange of artillery for essentials like grain and oil. The streets of Vladivostok see heightened police activity, but residents are uncertain and curious about the potential geopolitical implications of such a visit.

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