July 24, 2024


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In a shocking turn of events, McDonald’s, the international fast-food giant, has decided to eliminate tomatoes from its menu in many portions of India. The choice comes in the wake of intensifying tomato prices and apprehensions over the excellence of the products available.

Tomato Prices Hit Record Highs

The staple ingredient of traditional Indian cuisine, tomatoes, has seen an unprecedented surge in prices recently. In some regions, wholesale prices have skyrocketed by 288% within a month, reaching a record high of 140 rupees ($1.7) per kilogram. Retail prices are even higher, leading many consumers to reduce their tomato consumption significantly.

Quality Concerns Prompt Menu Changes

McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India, operated by Connaught Plaza Restaurants, have cited quality and supply issues as the primary reasons for this drastic change in their offerings. Notices posted in two McDonald’s stores in New Delhi, the capital, stated, “Despite our best efforts, we are not able to get adequate quantities of tomatoes that pass our rigorous quality inspections.” Subsequently, the business has been forced to deliver products deprived of tomatoes.

Supply Chain Issues

Store managers have attributed the problem to quality issues in the supply chain rather than pricing. The decision to drop tomatoes is seen as a response to “temporary” seasonal issues. However, Westlife Foodworld, the McDonald’s franchisee for India’s western and southern regions, reported no serious tomato-related issues, suggesting that the problem might be regional rather than nationwide.

Government’s Stance on Rising Prices

The government has insisted that the price rise is merely a seasonal production issue, caused by monsoon rains disrupting transport and distribution. It expects tomato prices to normalize soon. However, this price surge comes at a time when consumers are already grappling with higher prices for items ranging from milk to spices.

Impact on Consumers and Vendors

The soaring prices and quality concerns have had a significant impact on both consumers and vendors. In Mumbai, vegetable vendor Vijay Sharma reported a sharp decline in sales, from 40 kilograms per day to just five. As Indians cut back on tomatoes, some businesses are suggesting alternatives, like cooking with tomato puree instead.


The elimination of tomatoes from McDonald’s menus in India emphasizes the challenges encountered by businesses due to mutable commodity rates and excellence issues. Although the company declares that this is to a momentary extent, it remains to be perceived how elongated it will take for the disorder to standardize and for tomatoes to formulate their way rearmost into the cherished burgers and wraps of McDonald’s.


McDonald’s has eradicated tomatoes from its menu in several divisions of India due to escalating tomato prices and apprehensions about product quality. Tomatoes, a staple in Indian cuisine, have seen a dramatic price increase recently, with wholesale prices surging by 288% within a month. The decision to remove tomatoes was primarily due to supply and quality issues, with McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India unable to source enough that passed their quality checks.

The government attributed the price rise to seasonal production issues caused by monsoon rains disrupting transportation and distribution. This surge in prices and quality issues has significantly impacted consumers and vendors, with some businesses suggesting alternatives like cooking with tomato puree. Despite the challenges, McDonald’s assures that this is a temporary measure, though it is uncertain when the situation will normalize and tomatoes will return to the menu.

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