June 23, 2024
2025 Mustang GTD: Powerful supercar with unique design

"Witness the future of supercars with the 2025 Mustang GTD, featuring over 800 horsepower and cutting-edge design.

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Ford Motor Company is congealing to redefine the supercar landscape with the launch of its audacious and advanced 2025 Mustang GTD. This limited edition, street-legal recital car was invented in parallel with the Mustang GT3 race car and is prompt to take on the world’s best performance cars. With a presumed horsepower of over 800 from its boosted 5.2-liter V-8 engine, this road-going car is an indication of Ford’s commitment to approaching the edges of automotive engineering.

The Powerhouse Under the Hood

The 2025 Mustang GTD is driven by a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine that produces more than 800 horsepower (H.P.). This powertrain is a peculiar modification for Ford, an enterprise that has dedicated billions of dollars to developing millions of zero-emission electric vehicles. Yet, the GTD’s fossil-fuel engine is an acquiescence to the company’s rich inheritance in producing high-performance vehicles.

Mustang GTD Design and Aesthetics

The Mustang GTD boasts a unique carbon-fiber body that is widened by 100 mm from the seventh-generation road car. It features a raised hood scoop with a flat black decal, extended quarter panel scoops, a special rear spoiler, and rocker panel moldings. The interior is adorned with silver leather inserts on the seats and door panels, and a silver instrument panel, adding a touch of luxury to the sporty design.

The Performance

The GTD adopts a transaxle gearbox, meaning the transmission is at the rear, contributing to the car’s near 50/50 weight distribution. This setup, combined with the Variable Traction Control system in Track Mode, allows drivers to tweak the engine output and traction control intrusiveness, tailoring the vehicle to their driving ability around a circuit.

The Suspension

The GTD rides on what Ford describes as a semi-active suspension that can adjust the spring rates and ride height. The components include adaptive spool valve dampers. The Track Mode setting lowers the vehicle by 1.575 inches (40 millimeters), enhancing its aerodynamic efficiency.

The Price Tag

The 2025 Mustang GTD comes with a hefty price tag of $300,000. This six-figure Mustang is a thoroughbred, featuring a transaxle, trick aerodynamics, and approximately 800 horsepower. Ford will develop the GTD to constrained extents starting next year, making it a coveted possession for car supporters.

The Future

The 2025 Mustang GTD is more than an equitable car: it’s a declaration of determination from Ford. It’s an illustration of the company’s commitment to invention, design, and performance. As Ford Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley puts it, “It’s for AMG Black, Aston Martin, and Porsche GT3 RS. We want to beat it [the GT3 RS] at Le Mans, but we [also] want to beat it as a streetcar.”


The 2025 Mustang GTD is evidence of Ford’s vow to advocate for the boundaries of automotive engineering. With its audacious model, powerful engine, and high-performance quality-features, it’s set to yield to the world’s competent performance cars. Despite its stout price-tag, the GTD is a craved possession for car enthusiasts, offering an auspicious and unmatched driving experience. As we look forward to its inauguration, one thing is clear: the 2025 Mustang GTD is not just a car: it’s a modernization on wheels.


Ford will release a limited-edition 2025 Mustang GTD, inspired by the Mustang GT3 race vehicle. Ford’s supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine produces over 800 horsepower, bucking its electric vehicle drive but honoring its high-performance vehicle legacy. An enlarged carbon-fiber body, a silver leather interior, and a near 50/50 weight distribution due to its transaxle gearbox distinguish the GTD. Semi-active interruption optimizes aerodynamic efficiency, especially in the Track Mode setting. At $300,000 and restricted production, it aims to compete with the Porsche GT3 RS. The 2025 Mustang GTD represents Ford’s passion for innovation and automotive design.

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