June 23, 2024
Russian Frigates

Russian Frigates

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On July 6th, 2023, two Russian frigates, the Cold War-era Gromkiy and Sovershenniy, sailed into Shanghai, marking a significant event in the military cooperation between Russia and China. This visit is the first by the Pacific Fleet to China in three years, demonstrating the enduring alliance between the two nations despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Arrival of the Russian Frigates

The arrival of the Russian frigates in Shanghai was met with a warm welcome from Chinese sailors dressed in white parade uniforms. The boats, based in Vladivostok, will endure in China until July 11th, active in joint training with the Chinese navy. These movements are expected to emphasize ship-to-ship infrastructure, maneuvering in development, and maritime search and rescue processes.

The Significance of the Visit

The official visit of the Russian frigates is emblematic and very imperative, said Dmitry Lukyantsev, a representative of the Shanghai Committee for Foreign Affairs and Russia’s consul general in Shanghai. stated that this visit vividly shows that Russia and China maintain close cooperation in all directions, including the military and political spheres. 

The Journey of the Frigates

Before their arrival in Shanghai, the same vessels passed through waters near Taiwan at the end of June and sailed past Japan’s Okinawa Islands, where the United States has a major military base. Their journey underscores the strength of the informal alliance between China and Russia, which has persisted despite the Ukraine war.

China-Russia Military Cooperation

China and Russia’s military cooperation underlines the strength of their informal alliance. Regardless of having concluded ties with Ukraine, China has not overtly convicted Moscow’s invasion. be adamant that it is non-aligned in the conflict. It has also irritated me to mediate a passive solution to the crisis. The naval appointment follows a meeting in Beijing between China’s Minister of State Defense Li Shangfu and the head of Russia’s navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, marking the first formal armed talks between the two nations since a short-lived mutiny by the Russian acquisitive group Wagner on June 24.

Prospects Outlook

China has bolstered Russia’s sustained support for the uprising, articulating optimism for amplified exchanges, joint isometrics, and other formulas of cooperation to help resistance ties “reach a new level”. The Chinese and Russian navies have close exchanges and frequent interactions, and it is hoped that the two sides will strengthen communication at all levels and regularly organize joint training, joint patrols, and joint war games.


The entrance of the Russian frigates into China is a sure sign of the close assistance between the two states. Despite the ongoing global worries and battles, the military association between Russia and China remains sturdy, as evidenced by the joint naval training and high-level armed talks. As the world watches, the association between these two chief powers continues to evolve and influence the geopolitical countryside of the future.


On July 6th, 2023, a significant event in Russia-China military collaboration was marked as two Russian frigates, Gromkiy and Sovershenniy, sailed into Shanghai. The visit, the first by the Pacific Fleet to China in three years, signifies a robust alliance despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The frigates will stay in China until July 11th, participating in joint training exercises with the Chinese navy. Prior to arriving in Shanghai, the vessels had sailed past Taiwan and Japan’s Okinawa Islands.

Dmitry Lukyantsev, Russia’s consul general in Shanghai, noted the visit’s significance, highlighting close cooperation in various sectors, including military and political. Despite the Ukraine conflict, the China-Russia informal alliance remains strong, as reflected by their military collaboration and discussions for future joint exercises and patrols. This naval visit underlines the ongoing evolution and influence of the China-Russia relationship on the global geopolitical landscape.

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