June 23, 2024
Meat Import Restriction

Meat Import Restriction

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Meat Import Restriction

In a swiftly globalizing world, trade standards are paramount. Recently, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) found itself addressing concerns raised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) related to the quality of meat exported from Pakistan. These developments have cast a shadow over Pakistan’s export reputation and brought attention to the need for rigorous quality checks.

The Heart of the Issue:  

On a recent Thursday, TDAP released a statement detailing their response to the recent restrictions put forth by the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. These restrictions essentially halted the export of fresh, chilled meat transported by sea from Pakistan. Initial probes, as revealed by TDAP, suggest that sub-par meat quality resulted from ineffective refrigeration during transit. Responsibility for this oversight seems to lie with the shipping line, which is responsible for ensuring the meat remains adequately chilled.

TDAP further noted that affected exporters have taken legal steps, filing for damages against the shipping line in question.

In a proactive effort to mend fences and ensure transparency, the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai has sought a formal dialogue with the UAE’s concerned ministry. Their agenda? Present Pakistan’s perspective and address the apprehensions head-on. As TDAP specified, “The Mission will obtain to moderate the concerns emphasized by the UAE authorities and at the same time strongly promote the vacation of the ban.”

UAE’s Newly Imposed Meat Import Criteria:  

Earlier, a report from The News highlighted the UAE’s decision to tighten its meat import criteria from Pakistan. This decision came in light of substandard meat shipment complaints. A recent notification from the UAE Ministry, dated September 19, 2023, detailed these stricter regulations. Starting October 10, 2023, only vacuum-packed or mmodified-atmosphere-packedfreshmodified-atmosphere-packed fresh or chilled meat with a shelf life ranging from 60 to 120 days post-slaughter will be accepted. 

It’s crucial to note the UAE’s importance in this context. Being a significant market for Pakistani meat exports, these restrictions have considerable implications for both countries’ trade relations.

To provide clarity and ensure quality, the notification alLtd. enumerated 18 Pakistani companies sanctFoodsto expoLtd. meat and poultry products to the UAE. This list included well-known entities like Zenith Associates, P.K. Livestock and Meat Co. (Pvt) Ltd., Tata Best Foods, K&N Food Co., Big Bird Foods Pvt. Ltd., and Fauji Meat Limited, among others.


Trade restrictions, like the recent UAE Meat Import Restriction, serve as a potent reminder of the intricacies involved in global trade. While they may seem punitive, they often stem from genuine concerns about public health and product quality. TDAP’s efforts highlight Pakistan’s commitment to ensuring product quality and upholding its trade reputation. As the situation unfolds, both countries’ collaborative approaches will be crucial in resolving the issue and strengthening bilateral trade ties. In a broader sense, this situation underscores the necessity for nations to maintain rigorous quality checks, transparent communication, and mutual respect in international trade endeavors.


The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) is actively addressing the UAE Meat Import Restriction after the UAE halted the export of fresh chilled meat from Pakistan due to concerns over substandard meat quality, allegedly caused by inadequate refrigeration during transit. TDAP points to the shipping line as responsible for ensuring meat refrigeration. The Pakistani Consulate in Dubai is seeking dialogue with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to advocate for the removal of the ban. Meanwhile, the UAE, a significant market for Pakistani meat exports, has issued stricter criteria for meat imports, effective October 10, 2023. Only specific packaging standards with a clear shelf life will be accepted. The UAE has also listed 18 approved Pakistani companies for meat and poultry exports, ensuring clearer trade channels and quality assurance.

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