June 23, 2024
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In a significant development that has stirred the business world, TPG Capital, a renowned private equity group, has expressed interest in acquiring a stake in Ernst & Young’s (EY) consulting arm. This action, which the Financial Times reported on on August 15th, 2023, is a component of TPG’s strategic plan to split EY’s consulting division from its audit business.

TPG Capital

TPG Capital outlined its intentions through a letter addressed to EY’s global and U.S. bosses. The proposed deal involves a combination of debt and equity, aimed at segregating the consulting arm from EY’s audit operations. However, both TPG and EY have remained tight-lipped about the proposition, with TPG declining to comment and EY yet to respond to media inquiries.

EY’s Consulting Arm: A Powerhouse of Innovation:

EY’s consulting division is recognized for its commitment to building a better working world through business transformation. Leveraging the power of people, technology, and innovation, it has been instrumental in driving strategic decisions and fostering new behaviors in the evolving nature of work. The potential acquisition by TPG could further amplify these capabilities, offering a fresh perspective and resources to the consulting arm.

The Backdrop: EY’s Audit and Consulting Split:

The TPG proposition comes in the wake of EY’s previous plans to split its audit and consulting units into two separate entities. This decision was prompted by regulatory concerns over potential conflicts of interest if EY served as both an auditor and a consultant for a client. However, the plan, dubbed “Project Everest,” faced opposition from some of EY’s partners. Consequently, EY’s U.S. executive committee decided against the split in April this year.

Impact on EY’s Workforce:

Recent business movements at EY have affected its workforce. Last month, the company announced a 5% U.S. employee reduction. This decision is expected to affect 3,000 workers, causing social unease. Staff changes may be due to simplifying operations, minimizing costs, or adapting to a changing business landscape. EY may experience even more transformation with TPG Capital’s probable acquisition of a stake in its consultancy sector. Such a move can change the firm’s structure and operations. TPG may introduce new management techniques, operational norms, and restructuring. Hence, EY staff are at a crossroads, bracing for more changes from this potential takeover.


The possible acquisition of a stake in EY’s consulting arm by TPG Capital marks a significant shift in the business landscape. As the story unfolds, all eyes will be on how this move impacts EY’s operations and the broader consulting industry. Amidst the silence from both parties, the business world eagerly awaits further developments.


Leading private equity firm TPG Capital is considering buying a share in Ernst & Young’s (EY) consulting division to separate it from its audit business. The Financial Times reported the debt-equity idea on August 15, 2023. The details are unknown, but EY’s earlier intentions to divide its audit and consulting businesses owing to potential conflicts of interest were scrapped. EY’s U.S. unit cut 5% of its personnel last month. TPG may enhance EY’s unique business transformation consulting. The industry expects the merger to impact EY and the industry.

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