June 23, 2024
Consumer and Business Banking

Consumer and Business Banking

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Consumer and Business Banking

In a noteworthy move, Australia’s Westpac Consumer and Business Banking Company has announced its choice to split its consumer and commercial banking units into two distinct entities. This strategic reform is aimed at improving the bank’s focus and driving development in an increasingly modest financial countryside.

The Decision to Split

The decision to split the combined business unit was made to simplify the bank’s operations and support the next strategic growth phase. The reform of the banking collection was first publicised in November 2021, when Westpac usual an ambitious area to lessen its cost improper to AU$8 billion by 2024. The changes started with reducing the bank’s corporate functions by around 20% to create a more focused and lean head office.

New Leadership Structure

As part of the reform, Westpac has appointed two distinct executives to chief the newly shaped Shopper Banking and Business Banking elements. Jason Yetton will become CEO of the consumer division, while Anthony Miller will be accountable for business and wealth actions. The current CEO of the merged consumer & business element, Chris de Bruin, opted to abandon the group and practise new career prospects. In addition to these changes, Westpac also promoted Nell Hutton to head the institutional bank unit.

The Structure of Westpac Banking Group

Preceding to the split, the constitute of the Westpac Banking Group comprised five key divisions: Commercial and Business Bank, Consumer Bank, BT Financial Group, Westpac Institutional Bank, and Westpac New Zealand. These five divisions served more than 13 million customers. With the recent restructuring, the consumer and business banking units will now operate as separate entities, each with its own CEO.

The Westpac Remediation Issue

In recent years, Westpac has faced allegations from ASIC that it failed to ensure its financial services were provided efficiently, honestly, and fairly. The bank knew these claims and agreed to remediate more than $80 million to its patrons. This process, known as redress, involves admitting mistakes and making labours to rectify them as rapidly and as likely.

The Westpac CCI Class Action Settlement

In November 2022, the Westpac CCI Class Action was settled for $29 million and is currently subject to court approval. Notices of Proposed Settlement were distributed during February 2023 and March 2023, with registration closing on 21 April 2023.

Westpac’s Values and Ethical Standards

Despite the challenges, Westpac remains committed to its core values of being helpful, ethical, leading change, and performing. The bank is passionate about providing a great customer experience and is trusted to do the right thing. It is resolute to make things improve and be better and is answerable to get things complete.


The choice by Westpac to split its customer and business banking unit into two is an important step in the bank’s planned growth plan. By shortening its operations and employing dedicated leadership for each part, Westpac aims to improve its focus and drive development. Despite facing lawful and ethical trials, the bank remains dedicated to its core values and to serving its clientele efficiently and justly. As the reform unfolds, it will be stimulating to see how this move forms the future of one of Australia’s main banking companies.

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